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GM520 is a wireless communication module based on LTE Cat.4 standard and designed for M2M and IoT applications.

Under the LTE standard, it can support up to 50Mbps uplink rate and 150Mbps downlink rate and can be backward compatible with existing WCDMA/GSM networks, ensuring that it can work normally in remote areas lacking 3G and 4G networks. Satisfy customers' application requirements for high-cost performance and low power consumption.

GM520 module supports multiple network protocols (TCP/UDP/FTP/HTTP/MQTT/PAP/CHAP/PPP) and multiple functions (remote wake-up, FOTA, FILE, etc. ), and can provide PCM/AUDIO/USB/UART/SDIO/I2C/SPI/USIM/RMII/ RGMII/ADC and other rich hardware interfaces to meet different needs.

In response to the key needs of industries such as data transmission and CPE, this module can be expanded to support analog voice functions, as well as hardware interfaces such as Ethernet, SDIO, and PCIe. It is a 4G communication tool for the data transmission and routing industry.

  • LCC+LGA Form Factor
  • Compatible with Mainstram form factor
  • 22nm Chipset embedded
  • LTE FDD/WCDMA &GSM global band support
  • Embedded TCP/UDP
  • Embedded FTP/HTTP/HTTPS
  • LTE FDD: DL 150Mbps / UL 50Mbps - Cat4
  • 8-wires UART
  • USB 2.0
  • FOTA
  • -40℃ ~ 85 ℃
  • OpenLinux


  • CCC
  • CTA
  • RoHS
  • CE