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The 5G medical gateway solves the pain points of electromagnetic compatibility, data transmission reliability, medical equipment antibacterial disinfection, mobile medical scene application, etc. in the medical scene, facilitating the access of traditional medical equipment to the 5G medical network. It is a medical 5G communication gateway product customized for the medical industry and certified by the national authority.

  • Professionally customized for the medical industry
  • * Antibacterial housing/electromagnetic compatibility meets the national standard for electromagnetic environment requirements of medical equipment

    * Safety standards National standards for medical electrical equipment

    * passed the certification of China Mobile 5G medical private network and 5G medical edge cloud access

    * RJ45/Wi Fi/USB/RS232/RS485 and other rich interfaces fully adapt to medical devices and equipment

    * Built in Bluetooth/Zigbee gateway, wearable devices can be accessed through Bluetooth/Zigbee

  • Meet the requirements of mobile medical scenarios
  • * Provide external battery to ensure communication, uninterrupted power supply/support wall mounted, pole mounted, ceiling mounted and other installation methods

    * Built in antenna, optional external antenna box, for shielding environment such as vehicle


    • Medical equipment
    • Ambulance
    • Medical Imaging