Smart Home Application
Customer products&usage scenario

In North America, many people live in the suburbs far away from urban areas, and FTTH (fiber to the home) costs are high, so most operators choose WTTx (wireless fixed access) solutions. 

Vivint Inc. is one of the largest smart home technology providers in North America.

In order to enable the rural population to access the network, Vivint has jointly launched CPE products with High Emerging Things. LTE high-speed wireless network provides a wide range of services, high data throughput and networking functions for customers who need broadband connection and wireless hotspot Wi Fi connection.

Why choose GonsucnWelink

LTE Cat 4 Indoor CPE products have excellent performance and reliable network coverage, provide excellent cost performance, and provide a good choice of hardware solutions for large-scale deployment of operators.

Customer product advantages
  • GW521 LTE Cat. 4 indoor CPE is an advanced LTE indoor multi service product solution designed to meet the integrated data and 802.11b/g/n Wi Fi access needs of residential, enterprise and enterprise users. It can achieve a wide range of business coverage, provide high data throughput and network functions, and provide customers with convenient broadband access and Wi Fi hotspot connection.