“IoT Star" Award | GosuncnWelink Automotive-grade LTE Cat. 1 module won the "Best Innovative Product Award"

OnMarch 16, 2022, the results of the China IoT industrial annual selection of"2021 IoT Star" Award were officially announced. GosuncnWelink’s LTECat.1 module GM351A stood out from hundreds of participating enterprises andwon the "Best Innovative Product Award".  



Theselection of "IoT Star" Award began in 2008, andafter 14 years of development and precipitation, it has been one of the mostinfluential Award for the IoT industry in Chinaand highly praised and widely recognized by industry insiders for its authorityand objectivity.

GM351A is an automotive-grade LTE Cat. 1wireless communication module launched by GosuncnWelink in 2021 to meetcustomers' requirements for cost-effective and low-power applications.  

l  GM351Amodule supports LTE CAT. 1+GSM dual-mode full band.  It can supportup to 5Mbps uplink rates and 10Mbps downlink rates under LTE standard, and canbe backward compatible with existing GSM (EDGE and GPRS) networks, ensuringstable and reliable network access services in vehicle-mounted mobileenvironments.  

l  GM351Amodule supports multiple network protocols (TCP/UDP/FTP/HTTP/MQTT * / SSL *)and multiple functions (GNSS, remote boot, FOTA, multi-APN, multi-socket,serial port transparent transmission, WelinkOpen, etc.) as well as VoLTE voiceservices.  GM351A module can support rich hardware interface, fullymeet customers’ development requirements.  

l  TheGM351A module is manufactured and designed to meet IATF16949:2016 requirementsfor good quality and operability with excellent performance.  

GM351A is the first LTECat. 1 automotive grade module product launched by GosuncnWelink, whichenriched the product queue of automotive grade module. Together withGosuncnWelink’s 5G, C-V2X and LTE Cat. 4 series automotive grade module, itwill provide more, smarter and safer wireless connections and services forconnected car customers.