GosuncnWelink won the Best Case Award of 5G Technology Application

July 22, 2021, the "2021 Zhi Wu ·AIoT Industry Leaders Summit" (referred to as "Zhi Wu Conference"), co-hosted by the IoT Think Tank and Zhi Wu AIoT Industry Research Institute, was grandly opened at Shangri-La Hotel Beijing. Industry representatives from various industries gathered in Beijing, focusing on hottopics in the era of digital economy, such as green intelligent manufacturing, 5G industry development, industrial Internet platform and so on, and dedicated a feast of AIoT for the audience present.


The scene of 2021 Zhi Wu ·AIoT Industry Leaders Summit

GosuncnWelink won the Best Case Award of 5G Technology Application (third from left)

Since 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the life, production and economic order of countries around the world, and daily disease control work has faced daunting challenges. When temperature measurement has become a major project that commercial complex must face every day, how to efficiently complete temperature measurement without contact? GosuncnWelink 5G epidemic prevention robot takes up the task.


Through five channels of HD video and high-precision infrared thermal imaging, the robot can measure the body temperature of 10 people at one time within 5 meters, with the temperature error within 0.3, and identify whether the person is wearing a mask at the same time. The work of the robot is accurate and efficient, it also frees the staff from manual temperature measurement and reduces the risk of cross-infection. Through the 5G network, the robot will also transmit the collected temperature data to the control center in real time, and quickly execute the instructions from the control center.