GosuncnWelink’s LTE Cat.1 Automotive-grade Module Come to Large-scale Commercial Use

On June 10, 2022, Changan LUMIN, the new pure electric minivehicle of Changan Automobile, which is based on Changan’s brand new pureelectric platform EPA0, was officially put on sale. Mimi pure electric vehicle(PEV) always occupies a crucial position in the new energy vehicleindustry. According to data from China Passenger Car Association, thesales volume of mini PEV is account for 33% of the total sales volume of pureelectric passenger vehicles in China in 2021. 

Changan LUMIN Mini PEV

Changan LUMIN integratesa variety of functions in one 10.25-inch touch screen, set reversing image,mobile phone interconnection and voice control in one of the human-vehicle interconnectionsystem, so that owners can enjoy an exquisite interaction. By connectingto 4G mobile communication network, owners can be connected with Changan LUMINintelligent cloud platform and know the state of the car through the platform'sbig data AI prediction algorithm which will provide multi-directionalprotection for travel. The owners can also open and close the doorsremotely, as well as control air conditioner and other functions through theintelligent cloud platform. Precise butler connected vehicles service such asnew car battery life and vehicle maintenance can be also provide to ownerscombined with APP remote push. 

Changan LUMIN supports 4Gintelligent connection

GosuncnWelink providesChangan LUMIN with LTE Cat.1 automotive-grade module GM351A, which is the keycomponent of smart connectivity. GM351A module integrates the"Chinese core" automotive-grade chip platform and adopts LGA 32×32mmfastening package. It is designed and manufactured for automotive applicationswith IATF 16949:2016 standard requirements. GM351A follows APQP and PPAPautomotive-grade quality control process and passed 1800 hours high temperatureendurance tests which meets stringent environmental reliability requirements ofautomotive-grade. 

GosuncnWelink LTE Cat.1 automotive-grade module GM351A

GM351A module supportsLTE Cat.1+GSM dual mode full band. It can support 5Mbps uplink rate and 10Mbpsdownlink rate under LTE network, and can be backward compatible with existingGSM (EDGE and GPRS) network so as to ensure that it can achieve stable andreliable network access services in the vehicle mobile environment, and provideubiquitous real-time mobile network connection services for Changan LUMIN undervarious environmental conditions. By integrating rich software functions(SMS, CS voice, VoLTE, GNSS, FOTA, multi-APN, socket, transparent serialtransmission, WelinkOpen) and hardware interfaces, GM351A can be applied tovehicle-mounted T-box, vehicle-mounted center stack, vehicle-mounted rearview mirror, vehicle-mounted OBD and manyother types of intelligent devices. 

Changan LUMIN isequipped with GosuncnWelink’s automotive-grade LTE Cat.1 module GM351A which isbased on ASR3603-V chip platform. ASR3603-Vis the dedicated version of ASR3603 for connected vehicles field. The chipadopts advanced mature 22nm process, supports LTE Cat.1/WCDMA /GSM multistandard which enabling global roaming. In terms of power consumption, PMUhas been optimized to increase its power consumption advantage to more than 25%compared with the previous generation of products, which can bring better powermanagement capability for connected vehicles application scenarios with stringentrequirements. In terms of performance, the CPU uses a 624MHz Cortex-R5processor and the memory with built-in 16MB PSRAM and 24M Flash, which enablingthe on-board device to maintain ultra-low latency and smooth continuousoperation while processing high-speed signals. In addition, ASR3603-Vsupports SPI and Parallel interfaces on the camera system, which enables bothmobile and vehicle-mounted display to have high-speed video transmissioncapability. 

GosuncnWelink launched the first LGA 3Gmodule in China in 2009 and joined hands with Changan Automobile to open up theOEM connected car field.  After more than 10 years of development,GosuncnWelink’s 4G, 5G, C-V2X automotive-grade communication modules havedeployed more than 5 million units. GosuncnWelink has long-term cooperationwith many well-known OEMs and Tier-1 manufacturers around the world, andcontinues to provide reliable, high-performance communication connections and servicesto the partners.

In 2021, the penetration rate of connectedpassenger vehicles has exceeded 60% in China, and connected technology hasbecome the core of intelligent vehicles. LTE Cat. 1 as the preferredchoice of medium speed IoT communication will accelerate the convergence ofautomobile industry and communication industry, and lay a foundation for theera of smart travel!