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GT569 is a new platform-based TBOX designed by GosuncnWelink, supporting 4G/3G/2G band. The structure is based on the buckle fixing, adding a screw fixing scheme. Adding a BYPASS circuit to MIC_OUT, and attaching an external 8G EMMC for big data upload requirements, which is convenient for optimizing the logic and scheme of each controller and improving the performance of the vehicle in all aspects. With 1 channel LIN, 1 channel CAN for fuel vehicles, 2 channels CAN for new energy vehicles, Qualcomm built-in GPS, reserved Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and G-senor interfaces, waterproof and dustproof IP50 level, new energy vehicles include built-in backup batteries. Temperature requirement -40°C to 85°C. The software includes functions such as remote control, OTA upgrade, E-call/B-call, vehicle-machine interaction, and new energy data reporting.

  • LTE Cat.4 Hight Speed, can fallback to 3G/2G
  • Two-way high-speed CAN bus read and write
  • XCall (E-call/B-call), Remote Control, Remote &, Local Diagnostics
  • Remote Status, The log of Driving
  • Driving Behavior, Vehicle Security
  • OTA Upgrade
  • Wi-Fi Hotsport
  • Internal and external 4G antenna switching


    • In-vehicle entertainment
    • Remote Control
    • OTA Upgrade