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GT568 is an LTE Cat.1 T-Box with a new platform, the structure adopts the buckle fixing scheme; 8GB EMMC is used for big data storage requirements. It supports three-way high-speed CAN, GNSS positioning and external GNSS antenna; It includes Wi Fi, waterproof and dust-proof IP50, and new energy vehicles include built-in backup batteries. Operating temperature - 40 ° C to 85 ° C. The software includes remote control, OTA upgrade, big data reporting, national standard new energy data reporting and other functions.

  • LTE Cat.1 TBOX
  • 3-Channel high speed CAN bus read/write
  • Remote Control, Remote Control,Local Diagnostics
  • Remote Status, The log of Driving
  • OTA Upgrade
  • Data Service,USB Internet
  • GNSS
  • GB 17691-2018


    • Data reporting
    • Remote Control
    • OTA Upgrade