5G Smart Connection | GosuncnWelink and China Unicom Promote Industry Innovation and Development

On September 12, during the 2020 World Digital Economy Conference, the 10th Smart City and Smart Economy Expo, China Unicom held a 5G industry terminal special forum. The 5G industry terminal professional committee of the alliance was held at the same time as the forum, 25 committee experts from industry leaders and research think tanks jointly advocate for accelerating the promotion of 5G industry terminal standards, promoting rapid industrial upgrading, and focusing on solving customer core concerns such as high costs, inconsistent standards, and uneven quality. As a professional 5G communication module manufacturer, GosuncnWelink was invited to attend this event and was hired as a member of the Industry Terminal Professional Committee of China Unicom's 5G Innovation Application Alliance.

Zhang Taoye, general manager of China Unicom’s Intelligent Network Innovation Center, said in his speech that the scale application of 5G Internet of Things is inseparable from the support of the industry’s terminal industry. The application demand is to lead the joint innovation of 5G industry terminals.

This forum officially unveiled the China Unicom 5G Industry Terminal Test Center. With open testing capabilities, open quality certification, and open product storage, the center shares the development environment for the 5G industry terminal industry partners, jointly builds a certification system, accelerates product promotion, and promotes commercialization. Released 11 5G industry terminals from Yanfei Inside and brought hundreds of ecological terminals to the market with partners. Through the concept of hardware-based software and chip-based hardware, Unicom's core capabilities such as CMP/DMP are packaged and opened up, enabling the industrial ecosystem to jointly expand the supply, and creating a high-quality business card for "Yanfei Inside" 5G industry terminals.

Entering 2020, GosuncnWelink actively responds to the country's policy guidelines in the field of 5G new infrastructure, devotes itself to the 5G Internet of Things communications, focuses on the innovative application of 5G products, and continues to lead the development of the industry. GosuncnWelink's 5G industrial modules have passed Chinese approval and network access certification and operators certification tests, and have been deployed in 5G industrial gateways, 5G multimedia core terminals, 5G epidemic prevention robots, 5G IoT underground terminals, etc.GosuncnWelink’s 5G vehicle modules have also actively launched joint tests with well-known car manufacturers, and 5G smart cars are gaining momentum; GosuncnWelink’s 5G smart broadband product customization solutions will also empower more fixed Wireless applications, working with partners to bring high-speed connection experience to global users.

5G "new infrastructure" has become an important engine for the development of the digital economy. As the key hub of the industrial ecosystem, the 5G industry terminal will gradually improve the standard, enrich the scene, and reduce the cost. The number of connections and the density of connections will grow rapidly, and the scale of the industry will exceed tens of billions.