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WeFOTA Cloud Platform is the cloud platform for equipment management of Gosuncn Welink and its core business is FOTA (firmware-over-the-air technology) wireless upgrade and equipment management. Complete the remote management of networking equipment smart terminals, such as communication module, IoT terminals, mobile phones, tablet personal computers, etc. and provide the upgrading services of firmware differential packages. Users can easily complete the system repair and optimization simply by downloading a small differential package when they use the FOTA wireless upgrade services.

  • Support the seamless docking of our modules;
  • Support each form of terminals using our modules;
  • Smart packet management. Reduce the version management workload increased due to upgrades;
  • High-concurrency processing capacity. Deployment of clustered cloud server groups throughout the world, multiple high-speed, multi-wire and exclusive lines and scalable and distributed system architecture serve our massive users.
  • Customized services. Develop flexible upgrading strategy according to different models, versions, countries, regions and operator factors.
  • Security and reliability. The latest security encryption algorithm, signature and verification, and USB key multiple encryptions protect each upgrade from malicious tampering. Support breakpoint continuity, power failure protection, smart restoration and traceability security mechanisms to ensure the security and stability of the upgrade process.