Solution of Automobile Insurance Industry
Customer products&usage scenario

The auto insurance pricing model has long been subject to a lack of accuracy in the field of auto insurance, which results in a high cost of vehicle insurance business and a general loss in the insurance industry. With the advancement of market-based pricing reform, the insurance companies began to pay attention to the UBI vehicle insurance pricing model based on the usage and owner habits. However, this model has gradually become a mainstream auto insurance pricing method in Europe and the United States. The car aftermarket OBU/OBD+UBI platform mode is nowadays the mainstream model ofIOV UBI markets.

UBI is increasingly being adopted worldwide. As a pioneer and leader in driving behavior analysis, OCTO has actively explored the UBI market in the past decades.

To speed up the market performance, OCTO has been looking for a long-term cooperative partner. As the core partner of OCTO, GosuncnWelink is a deep understanding of OCTO demand and rich experience in remote information processing equipment. Based on the continuous exploration of both sides, GosuncnWelink has developed specialized equipment for the high modularization and extensibility of UBI hardware and firmware level. Derived from the same basic elements, it will provide a plurality of product forms that will provide the basic functionality of OBU when the hardware works in the form of OBU. The power consumption in sleep mode is less than 1mA, which is very good to protect the battery of the car. The hardware can be integrated with other modules to make up a different UBI solution.

Why choose GonsucnWelink

Able to provide customized services and strong research and development capabilities.

Customer product advantages
  • UBI industry customized products
  • 12/5000 Waterproof level high, support IP65
  • Double star differential positioning, high speed and stability
  • G-Sensor static calibration scheme and automatic calibration scheme