As the traditional telecommunication services tend to be saturated, the operators begin to actively expand emerging services. As one of the businesses with the highest APPU value in the Internet of Things and the clearest business operation models for big data, the leading operators in the Internet of Vehicles (IOV) have begun to attempt the IOV businesses. The products represented by the 4G OBD forms have become the best mode choice for operators to quickly enter the field of IOV. Gosuncn provides the end-to-end IOV 4G OBD solution of “smart on-board terminal products + platform/APP” to the operators and helps the operators to realize full-process services from data acquisition, and data sharing to data applications.
  • The solution has integrated OBD, 4G wireless communication, GNSS, 6-axis gyro, WiFi and Bluetooth.
  • Support various functions, such as, remote diagnosis, maintenance and warning, precise positioning, WiFi hotspot, Bluetooth communication, data uploading, etc.
  • Obtain the international professional certifications, such as, FCC / CE / RoHS / E-Mark / WEEE / Wi-Fi / BT
  • Read vehicle information status at the OBD device terminals. User can view the final data on the mobile phone through data transmission of mobile Internet
  • Road rescue is available through one key on the mobile phone. The insurance company sends rescue workers and tools to carry out the rescue services.
  • Automatically defect the IOV faults and troubleshoot the faults
Hardware Terminal
Hardware terminal: collect the vehicle location, operating parameters, fault events, driving behavior and other information by way of OBD diagnosis, GNSS, 6-axis gyroscope, 4G+WIFI hotspot, Bluetooth, etc. Gosuncn MagicCube VM6200S constantly strives for excellence on high-accuracy GPS, 6-axis gyro algorithm, collision recognition, and other technical aspects. Through the rigorous testing and certification by FCC, PTCRB, ROHS, Wi-Fi Alliance, Bluetooth, T-Mobile and other agencies and operators in Europe and America, MagicCube VM6200S has verified and adapted for more than 6000 models; The supporting after-sale testing software and hardware tools can quickly solve the needs of the customers.
  • High speed rate
  • LTE hotspot
  • Wi-Fi hotspot
  • driving behavior analysis
  • intelligent power supply management
  • GPS
  • OBDII data acquisition
  • remote upgrade (FOTA)
  • fuel consumption calculation
  • built-in 3-axis acceleration + 3-axis gyro
  • OBDII fault analysis
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Platform/APP: it provides different business algorithm models according to the different business scenarios of the end customers, including UBI business algorithms for IOV insurance company, leasing business algorithms for financing institutions; it can provide the licensed data to any third party manufacturers, including insurance company, 4S stores, and governments, etc., through the data processing of cloud TSP operators. Gosuncn has completed the adaptation of 20 platform partners in the world, including Modus,Mojio, Net4things, Raxel, etc. Through the wide range of platform cooperation, it provides end-to-end IOV solutions for operators throughout the world.


  • High concurrency, a single server can support the simultaneous access of 10W devices
  • High flow, a single server can handle G-level data on a daily basis
  • Low latency, 100mb level data second-level query and corresponding
  • CDN, network acceleration channel
  • Reverse proxy, distributed routing strategy; terminal devices use hash algorithm to route to each distribution point. Do not connect data in series


  • White list, each device communication data must be certified by the security server
  • Token, interface services are uniformly signed
  • HTTPS, HTTPS encryption is provided for the network transmission
  • DES, DES high-level encryption is provided for device communication
  • Private protocol, IOT private protocol is used for the device communication data packets
  • TCP protocol communication, connection is oriented to ensure a high reliability


  • Local cache, high concurrent solid-state variable data is subject to the local caches
  • Distributed cache, ensure the high availability of hotspot data and multi-node interaction
  • Distributed full-load storage, ensure high availability of historical data and multi-node interaction
  • Disaster recovery center, high-speed private channel transparently transmits data at local nodes
  • Hot backup, distributed multi-point deployment, to ensure high availability
  • Cold backup, full automatic scheduled task batch processing data backup


  • Automated security testing, set up log service center to regularly scan whether there is a server log error or a log error at the code level
  • Abnormal data collection, the abnormal data generated during the operation of business system will be collected and included in the abnormal database for easy viewing
  • Automated monitoring, monitor the server resource usage and business service usage rate in a real-time manner
  • Automatic data correction, repair the data in a real-time manner compared with the original data after suspected abnormal data is monitored
  • Automatic alarm, early warning for peak server resource, overloaded service system traffic, exhaustion of third-party service resources (SMS, LBS), etc.
  • Telecommunication operators, let more users, cars and their devices and sensors to access the IOV
  • Vehicle fleet management, improve management efficiency, reduce the management cost and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness
  • Personal application, such as remote control, remote vehicle illegal alarm, and other security functions
  • Automobile factory, the introduction from the front is more conducive to the intelligence of the complete vehicle