5G is the fifth and newest generation of wireless network technology, designed to meet today's growing data demands of the future while also expanding the scope of mobile technology beyond the capabilities of LTE. It will be transformative, fueling innovation across every industry and every aspect of our lives. Look forward to autonomous driving, holographic calls, remote healthcare, cloud-based AR gaming and smart home and city connectivity.5G is going to be a game changer, opening up a new world of seamless opportunities. And it begins here.
Gosuncn, 5G Pioneer in Connected Vehicle
5G Products
5G, the Cutting Edge Technology
5G, the cutting-edge technology
Comparing to 4G, 5G have better performance. The following parameters are indicative new network characteristics to be achieved at an operational level:
1000 times higher mobile data volume per geographical area.
10 to 100 times more connected devices.
10 times to 100 times higher typical user data rate.
10 times lower energy consumption.
End-to-End latency of < 1ms.
Ubiquitous 5G access including in low density areas.
5G, Driving the Global Economy Growth
5G will be a major economic driver

The 5G Global Value Chain, including network operators, core technology and component suppliers, device OEMs, infrastructure providers, and content and application developers, is expected to grow output to $3.5 trillion in 2035 – larger than the entire mobile value chain is today. China will contribute the most in gross output, with the U.S., Japan, Germany, South Korea, France, and the U.K following, in that order. Researchers also foresee 5G supporting 22 million jobs around the world.

Between 2020 to 2035, the total contribution of 5G to global GDP is predicted to be equivalent to an economy the size of India today – the seventh-largest economy in the world.

5G, Global Deployment in Full Swing
5G deployment has become a trend

45 operators in 30 countries that have stated that they have activated one or more 5G sites within their live commercial networks.

17 operators have now announced limited 3GPP-compatible 5G service launches (either mobile or FWA). These include: AT&T (USA), EE (UK), Elisa (Finland and Estonia), Etisalat (UAE), KT (Republic of Korea), LG Uplus (Republic of Korea), Ooredoo (Qatar), Optus (Australia), SK Telecom (Republic of Korea), Sprint (USA), Sunrise (Switzerland), Swisscom (Switzerland), Telstra (Australia), Verizon (USA), Vodacom (Lesotho), and Vodafone (Qatar).